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Realworld Systems to launch Diagnostics for Smallworld 5

Realworld Systems to launch Diagnostics for Smallworld 5

Culemborg, June 22nd, 2017 – Realworld Systems, the experts in Spatial Asset Management, announce the launch of Diagnostics 1.5. Diagnostics is the only product in the market that uses actual user interaction and system performance metrics to improve GE Smallworld™. 
The new 1.5 release, works with Smallworld™ versions from 4.1 up to 5.1.x. New features include an upgraded User Interface and even better user behaviour logging.
Paul Meester, CEO Realworld Systems: “Diagnostics has proven to be the only product that reveals performance problems through active monitoring and enables performance improvements for any Smallworld installation in one go. It makes life easier for users, administrators and support departments but also reduces the overall cost of ownership and that’s what financial departments like to see. Some of the biggest Smallworld users in the world rely on Diagnostics to keep their systems running optimally.”

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